POP Contest Entries

I started in photography in college in 1978. I was an art student at a community college borrowing a rangefinder camera and taking photos of those things within walking distance of my home. Bands, people, architecture, and snow, lots of snow. Following that failed attempt at getting a degree, I joined the Navy, bought my first Nikon F3HP and expanded my horizon by a couple thousand miles. Continuing in landscape, people and lots of ocean, lots and lots of ocean. Fast forward to retirement, bought an RV, traveled the country and yep landscape and wildlife were what I looked at through the viewfinder of my early digital cameras. Bounce bounce bounce about and land here for work with a friend and much better digital cameras and lenses. I started with landscapes, macro and then noticed birds were everywhere in my landscape shots so I shifted focus. I have been photographing birds since then. They are colorful, dramatic, have personality and can surprise you each encounter. Backyard Birds on morning walks and rides, Coastal Birds on wider ranging travel and always the Mockingbird, they're everywhere and must be included.