September 2023 General Meeting

September 11, 2023 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm

Asbury Place at Cokesbury Church, Pensacola, FL

September 11, 2023


This event is a collaboration between the Emerald Coast Writers (ECW) and the Wide Angle Photography Club (WAPC). The mission is to give two wonderfully creative groups of people the opportunity to share in their artistic pursuits, build appreciation for each other’s craft, and attract potential new members to the respective groups. 

  1. Members of WAPC interested in having a story written about their photo will post photos directly to the Every Picture Tells a Story Facebook Album posted on the WAPC Facebook page. Photos can also be submitted by email to Yvonne Lashmett who will add them to the FB album. (These ARE public so feel free to add your watermark.) These must be submitted no later than July 1. 
  2. ECW writers will then choose one photo from the album to inspire or prompt a short story, poem, haiku, narrative, flash fiction, or other short work, limited to 400 words. Writers must either mark in the comments that they have claimed this photo or let Yvonne know and she will mark it as ‘claimed’. Writers must submit their written piece to Tonya no later than August 11. (Yvonne and Tonya contact info below)
  3. Photographers whose photos were chosen will have a print made, no smaller than 8×10. The writer will make a print of a suitable size based on word numbers, no smaller than 8×10.  The combined works will then be shared at the September 11th monthly meeting of the Wide Angle Photography club at Asbury Place off 9th Ave (behind the Cokesbury Church). 

Prior to the Sept. 11 event, a panel of 4 judges comprised of two WAPC members and two ECW members, will choose ten pieces to be read out loud at the meeting. The Photo will be digitally displayed on the screen while the author reads their words to tell their story of the photo.

However, ALL submissions will be on display at the meeting and will be eligible for entry in the people’s choice awards by attendees (details TBD).  

Selected entries will be published in the Emerald Coast Review. 

Writers and Photographers can work out something together on their own if they’d like their own ‘keepsake’ story/photo artwork!

Submission Deadlines:

Photographers: July 1, 2023

Writers: August 11, 2023

Reception: WAPC monthly meeting on September 11, 6:30pm


Writers may contact Tonya at 603-969-9775 or
Photographers may contact Yvonne at 970-759-0181 or


WAPC Board Meeting 5-6 PM
Meeting ID: 857 2815 5354
Passcode: 950955

WAPC General Meeting 6:30-8 PM
Meeting ID: 880 8238 3600
Passcode: 63425