Photo Shoot – Summer Solstice & Stars

June 21-21, 2022 7:00 pm – 10:00 pm

Fort Pickens National Park

June 21, 2022

Outing Description:  Let’s capture the sunset on the beach and stay for blue hour near the fort and some star photos. The sun sets at 7:54. We’ll be able to shoot the Galactic Center of Milky Way also around 9:25pm.  You may want to go over earlier or stay later your own. (I probably will do both!) Note: We will NOT be entering the actual Fort. It is closed to the public after sundown.

IF THE WEATHER DOES NOT COOPERATE FOR NIGHT STARS, we will try for the next night, and the next, and the next…. Be sure to text or email me if you are interested so that I can update you with GO/NO GO news.

Difficulty Level:       __X_ EASY     ____MODERATE     ____DIFFICULT

Where (meet up?):  Meet at Langdon Beach at 7:00, Sunset is at 7:54PM. This will give us a chance to meet up and get ideas for different sunset scenes and then get to them for blue hour and sunset. If we split up, we’ll meet again by the fishing pier at 9:00 pm to see who is staying for stars/Milky Way.

Cost: National Seashore fee. Arrive before sundown when the gates close.


Musts: camera, lens (fast lens 1.4-2.8 suggested if you have it), memory cards, extra batteries. Know your camera and how to adjust your ISO, aperture and shutter speed easily. 

Tripod for slow shutter speed shooting, remote shutter release or know how to use 2 sec delay if your camera has it. 

Headlamp/flashlight with red filter.

Food/Drink: BYO if desired 

Attire/other: Dress according to weather. Bring bug spray in case needed.

RSVP. No later than 2 days before outing date. Text Yvonne at 970-759-0181 or Email: with your phone number.

Disclaimer: WAPC is not responsible for any damage or injury to self, other person or property. Participation is voluntary.