May 2023 General Meeting

May 8, 2023 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm

Asbury Place at Cokesbury Church, Pensacola, FL

May 8, 2023

Come join us to welcome and meet Vijay and Jay Karai who have been enchanted by light and shadow interplay for a long time. Paradoxically light has no meaning without shadow and shadow has no merit without the glow of the light. They have their differences in styles but are rooted to a great extent in the appreciation of Nature that surrounds us and the amazing creatures that inhabit this wonderful planet. During the course of their journey together, they have been part of innumerable photographic adventures, directed over a dozen international exhibitions, served as Judges in several more. Their photographs are published in magazines, journals and calendars. Awards received are far too many to list here. Conducted several one-person-month-long exhibitions and enjoyed teaching photography to kids during summer months. Jay especially enjoys putting together photo shows of their photo adventures.

They believe all Life is precious. Photography can be used to communicate crossing barriers of language, culture and nationality. To this effect they used videos and images in social media such as YouTube to bring awareness to the vital existence of animal and plant kingdom and the urgent need to advocate for their wellness. While they enjoy photographing all life forms and objects of curiosity, as well indulge in the modern tools and softwares, creating images of fantasy, theirr hearts have weakness for animals especially for those that fall prey to human greed or extravaganza. The animals of Antarctica are far removed from human daily activities and yet are in imminent danger of losing their environment due to pollution, global warming and numerous other factors. This show is a small dedication to those who cannot defend themselves.

They lived in Minnesota for over 30 years, enjoyed 10+ years of retirement in Hawaii and look forward to explore our world one (f) stop at a time.


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