July 2022 General Meeting

July 11 - June 13, 2022 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm

Cokebury Church Atrium

July 11, 2022

Come join us to welcome and meet Heather Mapes Fields. Originally from Kentucky, Heather moved to the Florida Gulf Coast a few years ago where she fell in love with the region’s beaches and waterfronts. A relative newbie to photography, she created On the Water Photography (www.onthewaternavarre.com) with an excellent portfolio of beach and harbor photos. She is successful with her booth during Pensacola’s Gallery Nights. Heather will be sharing her journey from the time she picked up a camera, about a year ago!

We will continue to meet in the Atrium of Cokesbury Methodist Church until furter notice!


WAPC Board Meeting 5-6 PM

Meeting ID: 857 2815 5354
Passcode: 950955

WAPC General Meeting 6:30-8 PM
Meeting ID: 880 8238 3600
Passcode: 634253