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POP Rules

Rules & Regulations of the Power of Photography® (POP) Show 2018

Friday, August 17th, 5 pm to 9 pm.
Saturday, August 18th, 10 am to 5 pm.
Sunday, August 19th, 10 am to 3 pm.

Requirements for Participation:

Any amateur or professional photographer may participate.
Wide Angle Photo Club membership is not required for entry.
Photographs must be the photographer’s original work in its entirely, appropriate for public display, and not previously exhibited at a POP Show. Photographs previously submitted for POP judging, but not accepted for display may be reentered.
All participants agree that their images may be used by the Wide Angle Photo Club for publicity purposes. Winning photographs may be entered onto the Club’s website, Facebook page, published in Po10tial Magazine, or used in future POP advertising.
Photograph Submission:

Photos will be submitted electronically. Images must be a minimum of 1000 pixels, maximum of 3000 pixels on the longest side at 240 dpis, sRBG jpeg.
Up to 20 images may be submitted by each photographer.
Images must be submitted between May 1st – May 31st and/or POP has reached its capacity of 1500 images. No images will be accepted after May 31st and/or 1500 images.
Entry Fees:

The Entry Fee is $10 per photograph.
To be eligible for the Youth Under 16 Category, youths must be under 16 on June 31, 2018. The Date of Birth must be listed on the entry form and the signature of a parent or guardian on the POP Label.
If your photograph is For Sale, the sale price must be noted on the entry form. All sales transactions of POP Show photographs will be between the photographer and the customer. Photographers will be given the customer contact information at the close of the show. The photographer is responsible for applicable taxes.
Photo Exhibition Preparation:

If one or more of your photos are selected for exhibition during POP, you will be notified by Tuesday, July 3rd. Those images must be printed, matted and delivered to one of the following locations by Tuesday, July 31st 2018. Click here to view recommended printing vendors.
Any photograph depicting identifiable children must be accompanied by a Parental Minor Model Release Form (click here to download)
Images shall be no smaller than 8” x 10” and no larger than 16” x 20”.  Panoramic images are allowed, but must be at least 8” tall, but no taller than 12” and no longer than 28”.
All photographs must be single matted by an outer board mat (either white or black), with or without a single color (either while or black) digital mat.
The mat must not be smaller than 11” x 13”, nor larger than 20” x 24”.  Panoramic mats must not be larger than 16” x 32”.
All photos must have a rigid backing of the same size as the mat.  The backing must be rigid enough such that the photograph can stand without buckling.
No frames or glass are allowed.
There must be no added writing on the mat or on the photograph.  No names or titles.
The use of plastic sleeves to protect the photograph is discouraged.
Judging :

Any photograph entered and found not to meet stated requirements, will not be judged or hung in the POP Show, and the entry fee will not be refunded.
Three independent qualified judges will review and select the top 350 submission to be scored on a 10 point scale for Subject, Composition, Light/Exposure and Impact/Originality.
The top scoring photographs (approximately 300) will be exhibited during the 3-day show at the Pensacola Cultural Center, 400 S. Jefferson St., Pensacola, FL 32502.
Winning Photographs for Categories and Special Awards will be announced at 5 pm Friday at the opening of the show. The New Member’s Award and the People’s Choice Award will be announced at opening on Sunday.
Categories and Special Awards: a complete list of Categories and Special Awards along with hints of entering is available on the club’s website – www.wideanglephotoclub.org. Only the Category selected by the submitting photographer. Special Awards are made from the highest scoring 300 exhibited photographs. Specialty Awards may be added in the months prior to the show. Please check the club’s website for updates.

Please Note: every precaution will be taken by the Wide Angle Photo Club to protect and prevent damage to the entries. However, the Wide Angle Photo Club is not responsible for any damage to the photographs or mats sustained during the check-in, storage, judging, hanging and exhibition of the photographs.